A Safe Distance From Sickness / Necropolis

by Captain Three Leg / Guro

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Ron Mortuary Grinder C3L is so fuckin brutal it bursts out your excrements from all holes. Forget about LDOH clones because this is the real shit!! So vile and disgusting and the fuckers were grinding on a budget! Indeed the filth posers just shit out the same old formula for their creppy fuckin stupid fuckin gore shit! Well almost sounds like one of the dudes typed this up because they think they are more fuckin sick than anyone else but they still only got more of an old school" death/grind vibe. Favorite track: Creepy Fucking Stupid Fucking Gore.
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released May 17, 2017

Tracks #1-8 = Captain Three Leg
Recorded with Reaper August 27th, 2016 and January 8th, 2017. Vocals recorded January 11th, 2017, mixed March 23rd, 2017.

Andy - Toad Vox + Layout
Brian - Drums, Throat Shredding + Hand Model
Hagamoto - String Sickness + Drum Programming


Tracks #9-11 = Guro
Recorded and mixed live at High Voltage Studio, December 16th, 2016, Londrina, Parana, Brazil.

Kiko - Drums
Thiago - Guitar
Eron - Vocals




Mortville Noise HQ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Captain Three Leg - From My Holes
Stomach muscles cramp
A churn in my bowels
Sweating through my clothes
Chilled to the bone

Ripped from the throne
And thrown to the floor
Crawling to the seat
While the plastic’s still warm

From my holes
Filth I purge
Wet and dripping
Gave my all
I’m still retching

Laying in my bed
Bucket by my side
The smell in the air
Like someone just died
Stomach contents emptied
Through more than one hole
Once every year
This sickness takes hold
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Phonetically Disgusting
Made up words
Sound like gore
Made up words
Throats are sore

Blood-soaked microphone
Ears are blown, vocals shredded
Pounding head, nearly dead
Split is done, never again
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Grinding On a Budget
Your lack of conviction
Carries over to your press run
It's easy to achieve
With no real commitment

With no product to sell
You can move onto the next
Piling up shit
Without building debt
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Grosser Than Gross
With the poorest of judgement you pick out your art
The suffering of humans to you is a farce
Your 70th release in just under six months
At this point you don’t even try

Grosser than gross, more stupid than most
Your sanity comes into question
You’re more mentally ill than sicker than fuck
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Formula Gore
Churning out releases day after day
No lyrics or structure to get in the way
Let the pitch shifter do all the work
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Creepy Fucking Stupid Fucking Gore
Building up an atmosphere
For creepy fucking, stupid fucking gore
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Filth Posers
Never miss a shower
You brush your fucking teeth
You say you love the filth
But you’re living fucking clean

Your songs are filled with bloody things
Shit and puke and piss
When you’re faced with it in life
You’re as poser as it gets

What makes you think that shit is fucking cool?
Rehearsal tapes and patches are for fools
When’s the last time someone took a shit on your chest?
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Bad Quality Brutality
The worse the recording
The better it sounds
Take those guitars
And drop them down (syndrome)

Precision and practice
Toss those aside
Effects and distortion
We choose to rely

Bad quality brutality
Shit it out quick
Make it fucking sick

The worse the recording
The better it sounds
A bunch of fucking lyrics
You can’t understand
Track Name: Guro - The Gates of Necropolis
Staring through the gates of Necropolis
The dead rise to receive me
Carrying me to the darkness
With no hope, I follow the call
Beyond the gates of necropolis
Conjuring the oath of death
Entering the eternal fire
The flames burn my soul
Dying by the power of evil
Sacrifices to the evil one
Staring through the gates of Necropolis
Track Name: Guro - Cannibals
Living in the most primitive form
Humans uncivilized practice sacrifices
Without mercy, they consume their living victims
Cannibals – eating your flesh
Cannibals – drinking your blood
You can try to escape, but will fail
They will get you back
You gonna suffer
Cutting your flesh
Your blood will be spill
And death will be your end
Track Name: Guro - Daughter of Satan
Starting the ritual of evil, with a knife from a strange
The daughter of Satan makes the pact with blood
Alucarda – Call them! Call them! Call them!
They took Justine, the nuns done the exorcism
The church starts to burn, keep Christ in torment