Absurdus Returnus

by Captain Three Leg / Ghostbusters

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released March 20, 2014

Tracks 1-11 = Captain Three Leg

Recorded July 21, 2013 on a Fostex XR-7 Multitracker with additional overdubs done much later on Reaper. The snare and overhead mics were both recorded on the same track. Because of this, the crash cymbal is too loud in the mix. Deal with it.

Thanks to Andrew and Nate for making the drive to scream over this shit, Ghostbusters for the split, Dan Hutchison for helping those clowns with their recording and getting me off the hook, Joshua Hartnett for the over art, Tom Kemp - just because, Housepig and J. Randall for his continued interest in our music.

Nate - Screaming Abuse
Andrew - Gruff As Fuck
Andy - Things With Strings
Brian - Beating On Shit

Tracks 12-21 = Ghostbusters

All songs recorded in October + November, 2013 by Dan Hutchison except "Night Of The Lycanthrope", recorded by Matt Mutt.

Thanks to Tom Kemp for the logo, Dan and Mutt for recording, Josh Hartnett for the cover art, Captain Three Leg, Andy for pretty much doing everything, Andrew for playing that show with us, Nate for everything he's done for the scene over the years and for being my homie, Annie, Amanda, Kyle, Mark, Jenny, the cheeseburger reaper and anyone who hasn't punched me in my smart fucking mouth.

General Shermann would like to thank himself, Black Sabbath, Poison Idea & Sadistik Exekution. No thanx to street punk & "core" bands. Go play with your hair some more. That shit ain't punk.

Morbo - Carrying On & Toxic Waste Barrels
General Shermann - 666 Bulldozer Bass & Hellocaust Vomits
Jimmy - Axe & Carrying On

Dedicated to Jeff Metal.




Mortville Noise HQ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Nothing Original
Is there any reason to believe
That there's any sign of hope?
Just can't see any sort of truth
Surrounded by a mass commercial
People have no fucking clue
Fall for it every single time
Don't even have to be force fed
Being lame is a need

Is this just a start?
Or has it always been?
A gradual transition
Through annihilation

At first I figured it was me
Maybe just getting old
But I think there's more to it
Media being bought and sold

A mutation of our culture
Dumbing everything down
If this proceeds to happen
Nothing original around
Only copies of copies
Each one weaker than the last
There will be nothing left
Just absent blank thought

Could we let this happen?
It was not in our control
Always being monitored
By an outside interest
Who we shall never know
But, still we're bought and sold
To the highest power
The one who holds the cards
We weren't even dealt in
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Just Let Go
You haven't long now
Don't you see?
Life has been a build up
This is not a tragedy

Lying back on your death bed
Staring at the ceiling
It was you who caused it all
Death upon yourself from the fall

Down the stairs
Your whole body went
Pain just wont stop
It wont relent

Can't even remember
A life without pain

Don't know why you waited this long
Should have thrown in the towel long ago
Just didn't have it in you
To make the final throw

Waiting and waiting
Life's so frustrating
Nobody came
Everybody left
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Fucking Deadbeats
Crying in your fuckin' beer
Your glass is full of fuckin' tears
He's got no job, she's got no home
Always asking to use my phone

Pat yourself on the back
Cus your life is fuckin' whack
Digging yourself an early grave
Life's a bitch and you're it's slave

Nobody, nobody, nobody
Cares about you

Got no money, on the run
You're a mooch, you fuckin' bum
Get a job, stand up straight
Get up early, don't be late

Back to the bar cus you lost your job
Way to go, you fuckin' slob
Don't worry about being late
Your life is done, you've sealed your fate

Got no money, on the run
You're a mooch, you fuckin' bum
Get a job, stand up straight
Get up early, don't be late

Jumping off the diving board
The pool is empty, hit the floor
Total wipe out, blood and fury
Totally fucked, now no worries
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - No Coast
Thinking you're so cool because you are from the coast
Big city living is just the fucking most
Move away from all your family and friends
Must not be that important to you

Now you're there, no way to pay the rent
Surely your mouth was heaven sent
Get down on your knees and proceed to suck
Doing whatever you can just to make a buck

This is not what you had in mind
It was gonna be the greatest time
Standing front row at every show
Now you're just a total fucking ho

I guess the change really wasn't that hard
You never really had much to offer anyway
Probably better that you just moved on
Gave me an excuse to write this song
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - We Don't Need You
We don't need you
We don't want you

Coming to a show
Always throwing blows
Nobody gets a chance
To enjoy the show

You're the one who needs to go
Just go now
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - I'm Fucking Fat
Comatose way of life
Embracing total bliss
Chili stains on my shirt
And mustard stains on my jeans

Sloppy burritos abound
With some shit to wash it down
Six pack and a pound
Where's a toilet? I'm bathroom bound

Victimized by grease
Perpetuating obesity
I have nothing left
But a bucket of chicken wings

Vengeance reigns with hot sauce
Chilling visions of my mortality
Reality cuts like a knife
Like the knife I use to cut my cake

The cheeseburger reaper descends upon me
Arteries are clogged, my left arm is numb
His greasy fingers clutch my heart
Don't call an ambulance, please call the colonel
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Nice Shirt
Fuck your line beard

You look silly in your Affliction shirt
You ride Harleys, it says on your shirt
Not getting laid, without a doubt
You are worthless, take yourself out
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Bad News
We are here with some news
Sometimes you'll try, but you'll always lose
Get on your feet and try again
To get beat down, you'll never win

It is easier to just not try
Lay around only wondering why
Life has dealt you a cruddy hand
Stand the fuck up and fight like a man
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Get A Clue
Toot toot, here comes the fucking train
Along with a group that's so fucking lame
I wouldn't get too close or it will make you puke
A stench beyond any that you've ever smelled before

They will ask you if you have a place to stay
But don't bring them home cus they'll never go away
A Free ride is all they're looking for
Some you might even have to drag out the door

Able-bodied people
Lazy as can be
If you don't believe me
Just you wait and see
Wont even take an easy job
Total fucking worthless motherfucking slob

They say they're freegan, but they don't like meat
Still consider fresh roadkill to be a fucking treat
Argue up and down about something they just heard
Now you are starting to hope they will go away

Drank your last beer and didn't even chip in
Now it's time to take this situation down
Start breaking skulls so this never happens again
Nobody deserves to deal with this shit

Heads burst open - like a squashed fruit
Shouldn't be so easy - but it's great, it is
Must be their body's - weak and fucking frail
The cops will be so happy - fucking never go to jail

Just dump all their bodies at the local train yard
Cover them with Night Train and set them ablaze
They will think that it was a total accident
This kind of shit happens all the time

When all you do is waste your fucking time
Sit around and drink beer and consume wine
You will never bother anyone again
Certainly not me or any of my friends
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Oh Fuck, The Plane's On Fire
Look the fuck out
This plane's going down
Where's the fucking exits
My shoes can't be found

This shit's in flames
Where's my friends?
Looks like I'm dying
This is the end

Fuckin' fuckin' gonna die
Fuckin' fuckin' gonna fry
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Good Job
You failed again
Your life is fucked
Burn every bridge you cross

You have no brain
You have no friends
Do you even know how to read?

It must be fucked
To have no mind
Are your organs functioning?

What's with you
And your fucked attitude?
The fucking hammer's coming down

Have you ever fucking thought about dying?
Nothing in your life is even worth trying
Your life is on the ropes and you're getting beaten
You are a load that should have been eaten