by Mantapus

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released January 12, 2006

Track 1 recorded on 4 tracks sometime in 1995 and originally appeared on "This is a Tiny Town" compilation.

Tracks 2-8 were recorded September 27 and mixed October 2, 1995 at Studio 16 Productions. Engineered by Chris Hunter. Originally released as a self titled demo.

Tracks 9-14 are a rough mix of a recording done early 1996 by John Ritz on his 4 track. It has never been mixed due to the master tape being lost.

All songs written and performed by MANTAPUS.

John Prosser - Vocals and Guitar (Astaroth)
Chris Harris - Guitar (Blula and Generika)
Jake Allee - Drums and Backing Vocals




Mortville Noise HQ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Wrath of the Mantapus
Life to those who hear it
Death to those who fear it
Power to those who partake
Pain to those who hate

The wrath of the...
The wrath of the...

Life to those who hear it
Death to those who fear it
Fuck the right-hand path
Now feel the wrath
Track Name: War Machine
America, land of the free
America, the war machine
Not for life, nor liberty
Prey on others misery

The U.S.A.'s a gun-toting whore
Being paid for waging war
Puts it's nose in everything
To see the Money it will bring
Track Name: Adolescence Lost
Marching towards our futures
Like lemmings off a cliff
Preparing for the working world
A world of walking stiffs

Adolescence lost
In our shuffled lives
Conforming to the world
In order to survive

Old enough to plan our lives
Yet needing supervision
Monitored by parental eyes
Judging each decision
Track Name: Inbred Ignorance
Consumed with hate, part of a dying breed
When will you see you're a minority?
You scream white pride, but what are you proud of?
Killed off one race, enslave another

Inbred ignorance. You make no sense to me
Your plans of dominance will never come to be

Wear your rebel flag, clinging to the past
In this generation, you're the outcast
You neo-nazi, just a mindless flunky
Idolizing Hitler, just an opium junkie

Programmed from birth, parents warped your mind
Even the tolerant can't tolerate your kind
The "Melting Pot" has no room for you
It has no time for the facts you spew
Track Name: Man is God
His is the hand that makes
His is the hand that heals
His is the hand that takes
His is the hand that kills

A God-made man
Or a man-made God
God is man
Man is God

His is what is ours
Domine Satanas
He is what we are
Track Name: Crimson Life
Demon's blood in my veins
Rids me of mortal pains
In darkness, I reign
Hunting for the life I drain

A demi-god that must be fed
Past my lips in a gush of red
Feeding on what I used to be
Their blood flowing into me

Damned to roam the night
I'll drain you of your crimson life
Your fear grows inside
Staring into immortal eyes
Track Name: Religious Malice
You walk up to me with your notebook sermon
Claiming that you can save my soul

You say you want to save me? Fuck you!
I don't need your approval of anything I do
I don't need your god to show me wrong from right
I don't need your mindless rules to choose my path in life

You want to change, rearrange, all that I am
Enslave me, to save me, and you think you can
Recruit me, dilute me, distorting my view
I know who I am, so what the fuck are you?

Amazing your disciples with all your holy lies
You're just a junkie, addicted to playing god

Your bible's inconsistency doesn't even interest me
Spreading your mentality, but too blind to see
I do not believe that you want to save my soul
You're just trying to make us easier to control