Onward to Barbarism

by Compassion Fatigue

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MORT:096 / AWTöö7 / GKM021


released May 17, 2015

With the exception of "Don't Talk to Me" (written by G.G. Allin & the Jabbers), all songs were written and performed by COMPASSION FATIGUE over the span of two days. All lyrics by Ian Heran. Recorded May, 2003 on 8 tracks at Ace's Studio in Littleton, CO. Engineered by Joshua Stough.

Cover art by Tom Kemp. Logo and lettering by Pierre de Palmas.

Thanks to the following people for making this happen: Justin and Nic for dumping money into this project, Tom and Pierre for lending their talents, Christian Petersen and Paul Martin for use of their gear.

Ian Heran - Drums + Vocals
Nic Collins - Guitar
Andy Koettel - Guitar, Bass (track #9)
Joshua Stough - Bass, Guitar (track #9)

Cassette version available from Ale Wülf Tapes (j_nutts@hotmail.com) and Getupandkill Music.




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Track Name: Born Again Hard
Wake up and scream, wake up and bleed, wake up and cry, wake up and bathe in pain
Every new day is a new pain; every new day brings another layer of hate
Soon there will be nothing to feel, a little more time will eradicate
All of humanity’s weak thoughts, the only thought is kill, kill, kill
The failure of yesterday
Bleeds me closer to perfection
There’s a cold white light
Inside is the absolute purity of zero
The genocide impulse is clear now
Tomorrow I will finally be
Born again hard, born again ready, born again dead
Track Name: Confused
When things are not investigated, then true knowledge is never achieved
When true knowledge is never achieved, then the will never becomes sincere
When the will never becomes sincere, then the heart is never set right
When the heart is never set right, then the personal life is never cultivated
When the personal life is never cultivated, then the family life is never regulated
When the family life is never regulated, then the national life is never orderly
And when the national life is never orderly, then there is chaos in the world
Track Name: Derelict and Damned
Coastline crumbling in the mind’s eye, an unblinking lid witnessing the bloodlife again
Cycle in and out like the tides, leaving the remnants of the scumfuks
Seeing it all again for the first time, for the last time, the only time, and all time
Drifting from city to city, the harvesting goes on
Dark winter will come and stop the world, for a space then repeat, repeat, stop, repeat
So many times has dulled the senses, all memory and thought is gone
What life remains is in cruel hands, see what the corpse sees forever
This deathworld is heaven and eternity
Track Name: Onward to Barbarism
Step into the circle friend, I’ll teach you a lesson
In truth and savagery, we are the same in this place
Leave your money and your titles, you are alone with your blood as your only possession
What will save you now friend, power and prestige are the old ways
True human nature is the new law, might makes right, care to disagree
Defend your view with blood, or die and be proven wrong
Mankind has undergone re-evolution, welcome to the new state of barbarism
I think your arrogance will drain here
The new currency is blood and I’m going to steal your fortune friend
Track Name: White Hot Hate
The Rosetta stone to my madness lies within the sickness I reflect
Your apathy has destroyed my empathy; your idiocy escalates my insanity
“I celebrate nature through water colors”
The cry of the lost pagans, with no gods and no plans
A false sense of being, you will know clarity of purpose
When I celebrate the apocalypse through your entrails
In a world wiped clean of fools, my name will stand forever
Track Name: Aceeforell
We have your eoliths and your monoliths and your neoliths
We have your Babylons and your Pompeiis
Your Caesars and your chromium-plated, vital ingredient impregnated artifacts
We have your bloody hatchets and your Hiroshimas
We march in spite of hell we do, antropy, entropy, and proteus vulgaris
Telling bawdy jokes about a farm girl named Eve, and a traveling salesman named Lucifer
We bury your dead and their reputations
We bury you, we are the centuries
Be born then, grasp wind, screech at the surgeons slap, seek manhood
Taste a little of godhood, feel pain, give birth, struggle a little while
Succumb dying, leave quietly by the rear exit please
Generation re-generation again again as in ritual
With blood stained vestments and nail torn hands
Children of Merlin chasing a dream, children of Eve forever building Edens
And kicking them apart in berserk fury, because somehow it isn’t the same
Agh, Agh, Agh, an idiot screams his mindless anguish amid the rubble
But quickly, let it be inundated by the choir, chanting alleluias at ninety decibels
Hear then the last canticle of the brethren of the order of leibowitz
As sung by the century that swallowed its name
Lucifer is fallen Lucifer is fallen
Track Name: Dead Like Beasts
I will incline my ear to a parable, I will open my dark sayings upon the harp
What should I fear in the day of evil, when my own faults encompass me
Your riches will not buy back
Your brother’s soul so precious as it ends forever, the wise and fool die hand in hand
To think your name will live on in your money, you are dead like the beasts
Laid like sheep in your plots, while the upright have dominion over you in the morning
Find the path of soul redemption; mine is laid out before me
For your glory will not descend with you, all your life, held upon high, in your glory
Join the generations of your fathers and never see light
The man who revels in human honor and never understands his true honor
Is dead like the beasts, like the beasts.
Track Name: Private Geography of Human Hate
I’m in a new world, it’s the ultimate ego trip
I’ve got the keys to life and death and I’m starting to sweat again
I’ve checked the stars and cast your name in stones
There’s no way you live, I am the first of a superior race
My coming is the beginning of the final storm to end all life
I must channel the hellhate, like the archangel before me
I will be cast out and bring you a new light
All this will come to pass with the eruption of a child’s mind
Wake me little one so all can see my new world
Track Name: Don't Talk to Me
Everybody knows the words!