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released August 21, 2015

Tracks #1-15 = WallCollapse

Recorded and mixed by Ben Davies (Slog Productions) in May of 2015. All songs written and performed by WallCollapse except #6, 8, 11 + 13.

Special thanks to our Comrade Andy (Captain Three Leg / Mortville) for suggesting this and making it happen! Thanks to anyone who's booked gigs with us/played with us. Keep an eye out for our 7" on Swashbuckling Hobo Records sometime in 2016. Stay true! Stay underground! Stay brutall! \m/\m/

Shane - Guitars
Ingrid - Vox
Aaron - Bass
Tom - Drums


Tracks #16-26 = Captain Three Leg

All songs written and performed by Captain Three Leg, recorded with Reaper on March 15, 2015 with additional overdubs over the following months. Cover art by Jeremy Huffman, inside photo by Jeff Hutchison. Guest vocals on #23 by Sassy.

Andy - Guitars, Bass, Vocals + Various Toys
Brian - Drums, Vocals + Various Toys




Mortville Noise HQ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: WallCollapse - 222 Acts Of Sabotage
He rose-up against the white, Afrikaner scum.
They charged him with 222 acts of sabotage….
Track Name: WallCollapse - Forfeit Your Life
Brett Peter Cowan – attack and kill on sight!
If you don’t - you may forfeit your own life….
Track Name: WallCollapse - Commie Zombie Holocaust
Nuclear waste seeps into Stalin’s grave
Chain reaction turns him into a zombie
Stumbles off to free religious slaves
His goal – peace in the Middle East (set them free)

Takes a steam ship to China and bites Chairman Mao
They travel down south and feast on Pol Pot’s brains
All three stagger for Israel where the stench is foul
Time to sort out religious zealots – cleanse the insane

Swift death for all hardliners is a mercy
Both sides of the wall will be silent and still
Crush the counter revolutionary acts like it’s the 20th century
Lurch to Syria and Iraq when they’ve had their fill

Commie zombie holocaust
Track Name: WallCollapse - Monkeys In Hi-Vis
Scampering around the outback living in temporary huts
Think they’re on the big dollars – but it’s all just peanuts
Our LNG all goes off shore
Leaves us paying more and more

Monkeys in Hi-Vis driving utes
The special lap pets of capitalist, Chinese suits

Aquifers for farming spoilt for future generations
Denials, lies spread by government administration
Dredging for ports sure to kill the reef
Bye bye tourists! – short sighted beyond belief!

Monkeys in Hi-Vis driving utes
The special lap pets of capitalist, Chinese suits

Send the ADF to commence mining nationalisation
No private/foreign ownership – just worker liberation!
Forest, Rhinehart, Palmer - all clever guys
Join our utopia (with a pay cut) or face demise

Monkeys in Hi-Vis driving utes
The special lap pets of capitalist, Chinese suits
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Well-Wishes From A Death Metal Band
You picked out the sickest name you could find
All of your songs are about death and gore

Chomping on death and rotting remains
Convincing your fans you're as sick as it gets
Build up yourself to be some kind of monster
But that goes out the window when you finish your set

At the end of the night, you've had a change of heart
Tried to stand firm, but you dropped the charade

You were fairly convincing 'till you ran out of songs
A 30 minute set filled with empty threats
Built up yourself to be some kind of monster
But that went out the window when you finished your set

Be safe!

Make up your mind, do you want us dead, or not?
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - ACAB
You don't really believe that, do you?
Oh, I don't know. I bet at least some of them are okay
You're just saying that because everyone else does
You didn't think that when you needed their help the other day

Dig a little deeper and write about something else

Repeating tired slogans, because it seems the thing to do
Keep recycling punk clichés instead of doing something new

The jocks in your high school didn't all grow up to be cops
I don't like the cops, either, but I'm sick of fucking hearing about them
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Robert The Dog Quaffer
Tarot cards hang from round your neck
You found a new way to be a fucking nerd
You got in good with a group of dorks
Score one for the acolyte

Your faith's being put to the test
Dog blood acquired from the vet
Drink the caninus spiritus
You are the chosen one

Under those cool robes and hats
You're all a bunch of fucking losers
You're a 5000 year old virgin who lives with his mom
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Long-Haired Hanger On
Get off the stage

Friend of the band that got carried away
Too lazy or stupid to learn how to play
You're standing on stage like you own the place
You don't even know how to hold a fucking guitar

You're a long haired hanger on
Who thinks you're something you're not

Adjusting his amp and fucking things up
They secretly hate you, but you're the guy with the van

Fuck you
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Cultural Bankruptcy
I've got money in the bank
But I've ran out of class
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Meat Deposits
Heavy meal paired with narrow pipes
Forcing square peg into round hole
Lesson learned from the previous day
When toilet water ran all over the floor

Shitting out last night's steak
In the bathroom of a vegan restaurant

Plate full of meat went down like a treat
An overdose of beef the night before
A lighter choice for the morning meal
Make my deposit before I walk out the door

Shitting out last night's steak
In the bathroom of a vegan restaurant

Drop it off in a public space
The scent you leave is a disgrace
Stomachs turn, nauseate
Patrons walk away from plates

Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Distinct Chunks
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Suicide Guide (Death Coach)
Caving to the pressure
Can't take it anymore
This hopeless situation has come to a close

Plunge that knife in deep
And pull it across
Open up your veins and bleed

Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Soft Hand Shame
Soft and white
Smooth to the touch
And free of cuts

Soft hand shame
From a work-free life

Reaching out
To shake your hand

Recoil in fear
Feel less than a man

Soft hands
Soft man
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Struggling For Comfort