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released February 1, 1999

Released in 1999 as a one time pressing of 1000 copies, all on clear vinyl.

Tracks 1-2 = Parade of the Lifeless
Derrick - Vocals
Jim - Drums/Vocals
Paul - Guitar/Vocals
Marc - Bass/Mandolin

Recorded at Watchmen Studios. Cover art/layout by Chris Smith. Photos by Jon Parker. All songs and lyrics by POTL.

Tracks 3-7 = Noisear
Alex - Vocals/Samples
Joe - Bass/Vocals
Thomas - Guitars
Angelo - Guitars
Brian - Drums

Recorded by Haraldo Mardones in 1999.




Mortville Noise HQ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Parade of the Lifeless - Doug Flutie Loves His Kiddie Porn
pro sports is more than entertainment
it's fans projecting unfinished dreams of heroism
rooting for their favorite teams, they pin their lost dreams
their feelings of inadequacy, give authority to sports stars
as the game hangs in the balance, so do happiness
opposing teams symbolize obstacles in life
that prevent you from attaining your concept of success
you hate them, the NFL commands you to fill our stadiums
or your dreams will not be televised
ticket prices justified by people's need for paragons
fans love to deify gives way to enormous salaries
life passes by, but you're a spectator
if your team loses... blame follows anger.....
Track Name: Parade of the Lifeless - Myriad Mindset
forfeit the mind's experience and submit to carnal pleasure
next day sit with kin, repent for all your wrongdoings
redundant habits lead to the same conclusion
but you are assured your ticket
contradict... beliefs.... persecute...
but you are assured your ticket into our kingdom
if you live the way we say
by your faith and try to escape the harsh reality that is life
church profits off the weak
influence choices in society, dictates fallacy
Track Name: Noisear - Surgeon General
legal smoke, killing lungs
life is a free for all
rejecting me, I am small
in a fucked up world
street smarts
a day in the life in the ghetto
lock all doors, tripping out
minds will blow
kill imitations
kills us all
Track Name: Noisear - Free to Maim
the right to own
widespread use of guns
30 rounds of love
in a day you could kill a whole neighborhood
and watch O..J. get away
cut the throat
kill your wife today
with a gun or with a knife
you can destroy your life
Track Name: Noisear - You Must Comply
innocent corruption
moral reduction
genocide structure
time to react
government attack
leaves you on your back
Track Name: Noisear - Moraccon Hash Block
(freestyle flows)
Track Name: Noisear - Shorty Shit Stain
split open my head, reaction
trampled on leg, reaction
cut the leg off
no time to see you cry, reaction
open your eyes
liberate yourself
society will bring you down