split 7" (2001)

by Parade of the Lifeless / Dahmer

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MORT:011 / AG96#27


released February 1, 2001

Released in 2001 as a one time pressing of 1005 copies: 205 on transparent orange vinyl and 800 on black vinyl.

Tracks 1-2 = Parade of the Lifeless
Paul Kozlowski - All guitars, bass, ghikalid, noise, vocals on "Minds Quicker..."
Jim Miller - Drums, percussion, samples, views on life
Derrick Kowalewski - Vocals on "Zug Zwang"
Jay and Jimdogg - Backing vocals on "Minds Quicker"

"Zug Zwang" recorded 7/99 at Select Sound by Mike Rorich. "Minds Quicker Than the Eye" recorded in 3/00 at Watchmen by Doug White. All music by Parade of the Lifeless. Produced by Parade of the Lifeless and Doug White.

Tracks 3-4 = Dahmer
Seb - Bass & Vocals
Yvan - Drums
Fred - Guit




Mortville Noise HQ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Parade of the Lifeless - Zug Zwang
despite all concepts of conflict
all is in fact and meant to be
all energy has its purpose
balance in destined, patience is key
don't get sucked into a trap of vengeance and greed
and reason in justifying
a powerful soul doesn't use antagonism as an excuse for vengeance
Track Name: Parade of the Lifeless - Minds Quicker Than the Eye
Man fancies himself as a free individual, but conscious perception cannot comprehend to what extent your subconscious mind has been peppered through a steady diet of TV, music, billboards, books, media, etc, etc, forming a society tailored to turn out a population of information mind controlled slaves, coerced and corralled like cattle, mass hypnosis has given the human race a distorted perception of its true nature. It's the unseen that rules you. Parents and authority figures have suppressed your free will all your life, our culture has instilled so much shame that we're afraid to imagine creating a "tell me what to do" society: afraid to make change, channeling repressed energies into violence & self mutilation. People hate to embrace this thought because it means you're capable of greater things and aren't doing them, and let me ask you is your job really what you want to be doing? Your unconscious mind doesn't discriminate, evaluate, judge, and takes in info at a much greater speed than your cognitive thought process, its what you don't see that sells you, what you don't remember rules you, chips on your shoulder rule you, fantasies and fears secretly rule you. Are these stories of mind control true? Are presidents, rock stars, chess champions, the ability to walk on hot coals or hit 70 home runs the result of programmed slaves? The sick truth behind creating this is repeated trauma from the time a person is born, so their free will is shattered, its too painful to form a conscious mind and the person lives totally through subconscious. This not only leaves them easily programmable, but since the subconscious greatly more efficient than conscious thought, a victim can perform physical and mental feats otherwise deemed impossible.