Two​-​Part Songs

by Dumb Church

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released April 17, 2014

Tracks 1-6 composed and recorded entirely on GarageBand March 15th - April 16th, 2014 while fucking around at work.

Track 7 was recorded on a dare with Reaper August 26th, 2012 for a compilation that never happened.

Dumb Church is:
Andy - everything




Mortville Noise HQ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: MSG
One more day of rest
Then I'll start movin'
Just you wait and see

Can't get off the couch
My body's breakin' down
I'm lacking what it takes
Feeling bad about who I am

Oh, I can feel the beat
But I'm not dancin'
It's just not within me
This brother's got no soul

I'm feelin' down
It's who I am
The beat is good
Don't give a damn
It's not enough
For me to move
I've put away
My dancin' shoes
Track Name: Look Alive
Look Alive
Give me five
CD drive
And all that jive

Let me vent
Money spent
Once percent
I misrepresent

Watch me play
Here I stay
Day by day
I'm overpaid

There you go
Fast, not slow
Never know
I cannot throw
Track Name: Digital Copulation
Digital copulation
Bio-mechanical penetration
Track Name: Regret
Oh, I wish I hadn't of done that
What was I thinking?
Track Name: Prison Break
Riot in the prison
Down in cell-block five
Grab a shiv and stab a guard
Straight in his fucking eye

Take some people out
And do whatever it takes
You've got one chance, so make it count
And punch your way to freedom

It's a prison break
Climbing over the wall
Razor wire rips through flesh
Blood-soaked, but alive

Riot in the prison
Down in cell-block five
Pull the warden by his head
And slam it into the bars

Ruin some fucking lives
And show them who's the boss
Your name will echo through these halls
As the one that got away

It's a prison break
Climbing over the wall
Razor wire rips through flesh
Blood-soaked, but alive
Track Name: Pulsar
Track Name: My Favorite Part Of You Has Died
What once was a great source of joy for us both
Now malignant, diseased and overcome with this growth
I'm stricken with grief, tears fall from my eyes

Protruding and splendid, and once full of life
Removal comes soon, going under the knife
My favorite part of you has died