split C​-​10

by Captain Three Leg / Beartrap

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released June 22, 2016

Tracks 1-7 = Captain Three Leg

Recorded with Reaper in Parma, Ohio on July 10th, 2015 and mixed September 28th, 2015.

Joe - Guitar + Vocals #1, 3, 5 +6
Andy - Bass + Vocals #4 + 7, Backing Vocals #5
PJ - Drums
Brian - Vocals #4 + 7, Backing Vocals #5
Ryan - Vocals #2 + Spiritual Guidance

Tracks 8-11 = Beartrap

Recorded May 13th, 2015 @ Stereotactic MPLS.

Tim - Guitar + Vox
Andy - Bass
Bill - Drums

contact: teethgnashinggrizzly@yahoo.com

Cover art by Ted Batt.




Mortville Noise HQ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Backwards Crusade
Completely unaware
Of what you believe
Please don't force
That shit on me

There's more to life
Than serving what you can't see
A moral crusade
Based on lies and greed
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Console Junkie
Eyes glazed over
Fingers start to cramp
Been sitting here for hours
To be the next champ

Endless amounts of gaming
The insanity never ends
I won't give up
Until I lose all of my friends

Just gotta make it
Give me one more chance
Just gotta make it
This is all I got
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Social Drinker (With No Social Life)
Life of the party when I was pounding down beers
My friends all disappeared when I gave it up
I started again to get me out of the house
Now I'm sitting by myself in a drunken state

Social drinker with no social life
I'd do it more often if I had some friends
My alcohol endurance in steady decline
If I drank less often, I'd be fucking straight edge
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Mincecore No More
Please hear me out
Mincecore needs to end
Endless amounts of scene kids
Jumping on a trend

Why ape on someone else's shit
You should try to be original
Or just fuckin' quit

No more
You're a bore
You fucking whores

There's more to music than Agathocles
There's more to music than Archagathus
Open your ears and open your mind
There's better ways to fucking grind

Give it another year and you'll jump again
Searching for the next hype
And start all over again
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - YouTube Remix
You're unhappy with how things sound
You take it on yourself to make things right
Add a little bass, or slow things down
You think it sounds better, but you're fucking things up

You pick up your guitar and play along
Impressing all your friends when you cover those songs
But no one wants to see your stupid fucking face
When they're looking for that song that made them log on

YouTube remix
Worse than before
You're not a producer
No one gives a fuck