Midget Madness

from by Midget Fetish



"Midget Madness" is a great midget wrestling video I picked up for a steal at $8. This is a truly magical sport, but limp wristed liberals in Australia have now banned it from the pubs just like dwarf tossing.


Watching "Midget Madness" is a fucken laugh!
Midgets wrestling and showing their stuff
Ten minutes is more than enough
Of normal blokes they're only half

"Mini Mr. T" and "The Karate Expert"
Jumping on each other without getting hurt
Only have to fall three feet to the ground
They hardly even make a sound

Of all the sports they have on the tele
Midget wrestling was the most impressive to me
!Emano locos!


from A Short Time Later, released March 29, 2013




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