Satan! Satan! Satan! Oi! Oi! Oi!

by Scroungers

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pissoffanddie I hate your fucking guts and I wanna see you dead. No bullshit. WWIII anyone? Fuck you, your family and your beliefs. Favorite track: Grovel With Gratitude.
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sebastien paradis Track 8: All is clear suddenly!!! Favorite track: Use Yuppies Not Lab Rats.
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released October 15, 2002

Released as a CDR in an unlimited edition collecting the following cassette releases:

1-9 = "Your Taxes At Play" (1991)
10-16 = "Born to Bludge" (1993)
17-22 = "Eunuch and The Scroungers" (1994)
23-28 = "Void Your Bowels" (1995)

All material recorded by Andrew McIntosh between 1990 and 1995. More information (and music) can be found here...




Mortville Noise HQ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Rich Bastards Shit Me
That's what I say/While you have to work all day/They sit back and give the orders/And whinge when things aint like they aughta/Yes indeed/All they do is eat and breed/Most people don't get enough to eat/While they get fat on wine and meat/I do declare/Sending us into warfare/Lying dead in muddy ditches/Just to protect their filthy riches/That's the truth/Their fucking scum and here's the proof/10% of people in the world own 90% of everything/(great lyrics, aye?)/That's a fact/It's time to start fighting back/Eat your turkey glut your wine/Your days are numbered bourgeois swine
Track Name: Dole Cheats R.O.K.
Don't want to work my arse off in some shit factory/Don't want to dress like a yuppy conform to society/Don't want to bow down to a boss it's nothing to do with me/I just want to be myself I demand to be free/Don't want to hack up carcasses in some butcher's shop/Don't want to work for businesses I want that rot to stop/Don’t want to work the lowest wages because I'm not skilled/Then fired in only two weeks and feel like I've been killed/Don't want to be a resource for the militant capitalist/Don't want to be a taxfile number what a load of shit/Don't want to be forced to be part of something I don't like/You whinging mob of conservatives just get on your bikes
Track Name: Bored Pissed and Agro
Every night/Every day/In the morning/After lunch/Down at work/On the dolequeue/At home with the kids/On public transport/Interstate/Overseas/Just next door/Everywhere/Everybody's doing it/Everybody has to/Go get fucked (Jesus Christ these are great lyrics!)
Track Name: Got the Sack Today
Got my final payment/Kicked out on the pavement/Got my separation form/So I can get the dole/Join the others in the queue/Working class like me and you/People all around the land/Got their doleforms in their hands/Unemployment through the roof/Government denies the proof/Opposition doesn't care/Their all the same everywhere/Looking for another job/Wont hire me think I'm a yob/Feeling depressed I want to get drunk/But its not my bloody fault/Got nothing to do today/Because I got the sack today
Track Name: Terry Vine Must Die
Terry Vine has got to die/And I'm going to tell you why/He's a scumbag journalist who writes a load of cappo shit/Terry Vine's a lying prick/His biased views give me the shits/He writes for the "Herald-Sun"/Shat from the establishment's bum/They fire workers and hire scabs/It’s a fucking bosses rag/Working people every morning/Exposed to Vine's fucking lies/Terry Vine hates feminists unions gays and ecologists/Choke him on his old school tie/Lets make the racist fucker die
Track Name: Stressed Out
Every evening as the sun sets I feel myself start to fall/And as the night gets darker I feel the shadows in my soul/At the end of every day my mind starts to feel this way/It drives me crazy but I can't stop it/I just lie back in bed and cop it/Every headline in the news/Every story in the paper/Every insult on the street/Digs a hole that gets deeper/Feel my hatred grow inside/Like a boot right through my nuts/Like a cold fist of ice has a tight grip on my guts/What will happen to me tomorrow/Will I get kicked off the dole/Will I have to be evicted/Will I have to be evicted/Will I have nowhere to go/What will happen to us all when the government clamps down harder/Will we all rise up and fight or will we all lie down and die(I still like this song)
Track Name: I'm a Liability
I don’t earn a single dollar I'm bludging on the dole/I don’t pay rent or board I live at my parents' home/I don’t have any resources I don’t have enough education/I just sit in my room at home indulging in masturbation/There's not a place that trusts me/There's not a boss that will hire me/The company's have blacklisted me/Social security supports me/I'm costing the taxpayer $90 every week/I spend it all on booze and drugs/I’ve got a bloody cheek/You can call me a lazy bastard/Say I should earn my keep/But I'll look out for myself from now until next week/I wont be part of a system that grinds the people down/I'll be a happy parasite/Shove responsibility up your arse
Track Name: Use Yuppies Not Lab Rats
Okay lets assume you really need to test all those shampoos and perfumes to see if their the best/Torturing animals just isn’t done/Its not humane and its not even fun/But Ive got a good idea and I hope you consent/I haven’t heard a voice of dissenting opinion yet/It’s the trendy alternative to animal vivisection/And it helps cut down a little excess population/Lets vivisect the yuppies and liberate the animals/Any excuse will do to fuck off those cannibals/Who gives a flying F if a million yuppies die?/Sound good to me lets give it a try/Lets stick those rich bastards in specially designed chairs/Strap them down so they don’t escape then shave off all their hair/Force feed them with face cream drip shampoo into their eyes/Burn their skin with chemicals/Imagine their surprise
Track Name: I Wish I Was You
You’re so hip your so cool you should have your own credibility school/Your so great your so mean your more than just a human being/Your so grouse your so ace you must have come from outer space/Your so big your shit don’t stink your god's incarnation on Earth I think/How can you cope with being so perfect?/Such genius must be a burden I bet/I feel so humble when your about you make me want to jump scream and shout
Track Name: Ruxton for P.M.
We heard the news and were exited/Read the manifesto and where delighted/Have heard the truth and he's our man/To get this country out of the can/Somebody call an election quick/This pansy government is making us sick/Send an old-age digger to Parliament House/Ruxton's at the helm and we think that's grouse/We're punk rockers for Ruxton/Give Australia back its pride/Throw in the books/Singing round the fire/Oh goody everybody gets a job/Lick those boots and clean that bog/Get those Asians out of here/Hang the blacks and bash the queers/Fly the flag in every place/Launch satellites into outer space/Meet after work at the RSL/Singing our praises of how things turned out so well/National service makes a man of you/And if you’re a sheila there’s things you can do/Making the scones keeping the tea hot/While we keep the Indonesians on the trot/Bring back the 50's meat pies and cold beer/ANZAC parades and sheep to shear/Yes Ruxton's the one to make it come true/And you do want the lucky country don't you?
Track Name: Grovel With Gratitude
Oh please kind sir give me a job I'll do anything if you give me a job I'll lick your boots I'll suck your cock I'll bend over backwards I'll do any job/Would it help if you paid me less than the dole?/Would it help if you didn't have to pay Medicare?/Would it help if I wasn't a member of a union?/If I worked 7 days a week would that get me a job?/Poor old farmer down on his luck needs young city kids on his farm for a job/Gonna teach those bludgers what hard work is/Gonna whip some discipline into those street kids/It's not the money I can starve if you want but the "Herald-Sun" says I'm depressed and angry/Maybe if I voted for a fascist dictatorship I'll get myself that all important job/So great employer give me a job I'll work in shit if it's labeled "A Job" I'll sell out my mates I'll never go home oh great lovely big boss fella etc. ad nauseam....
Track Name: Your a Farce
All of a sudden you know everything/You’ve got every right in the world/Yesterday you where just your mother's little brat doing everything that you where told/You think your views are all there are and the rest of us are just scum/Your even quicker to condemn and judge than those who judge and condemn you/You run around trying to do everything/You think the revolution will start with you/The way you dress is just another shield from the reality your trying to escape/Only say the correct things to say/Only eat the correct food/So alternative so anarchic such a bloody fool/I don’t care how you’ve got your life worked out/I don’t care what your trying to prove/I don’t care how much your squat is worth/I don’t care about the trendy circles in which you move/But I wont have you standing in accusation of me/I wont have you slagging me off/If you try to put your shit onto me/I'll only tell you to fuck right off/I'm afraid you don’t impress me/You do nothing for me/It's got nothing to do with me/Another lifestyle casualty
Track Name: Meat Means Dinner
I'm a bastard/No one trust me/I deserve to be shot/Stop me before I eat again/I'm not a real anarchist/I'm a closet Nazi/No brownie points for me/I'm such an evil person/I'm just so mentally sick/Think of all those poor little chickens (yum!)/How would I like it if a cow had me for dinner with mint sauce (ooh baby!)/One day the great vegan revolution will sweep me aside with the other heathens/And the master race will triumph purged of all impure lusts
Track Name: Serious Young Man
He only always wears black/He speaks in quotation marks/He's deliberately spontaneous/He’s always on display/He never smiles if he can help it/He spends a lot of time reading/He always needs an audience/He's above us mere mortals/Nothing ever satisfies him save his own dissatisfaction/He'll be famous one day/Fortunately by then he'll be dead
Track Name: Fuck You Very Much
Walking around the city all by myself/Passers by like to put me on the shelf/These cops with their McDonald’s in their hands laugh at me as I walk past their great big truck/But I've got to ignore them or they'll smash me in the face/The world seems full of fuckwits who have to open their mouths/Walking home from the pub late at night/Can't afford a taxi and no trams of course/Just my luck I walk into a mob of pissed trendies who think I dress weirder than they do/And once again I shut my face because I couldn’t win a fight/Are their lives so fucking boring that they have to come down on mine?/Nothing changes anywhere I go/I must be obviously weird/We're all treated the same anyway if you’re a woman a punk a black or gay/But what can I do about it? Just whinge about it in this song which the wankers are never going to hear cause their all into Heavy Metal or something (so am I, actually)/I wish I had a rifle or at least a petrol bomb/It'd be worth going to gaol to wipe away their smiles
Track Name: My Other Car in an Armoured Land Vehicle
Let me take you by the hair I'll drag you through the streets of Perth/Behind the wheel of my automobile I'll show you what I'm worth/Get your cop car off the road it's standing in my way/If you’ve got superior fire power flaunt it is what I say/The coppers beat me up one time now five years down the track I went through the correct channels but now I'll go the hack
Track Name: Gee Doc, Thanks
All power to psychiatry to keep people alive/The church we've all been waiting for has finally arrived/To keep the dream alive of Nazi surgeons' legacy/In this new improved one-up state of democracy/Tests and tests and stats and files prove the cause is right/Electro shock and deepo provero force you to see the light/Infallible psychiatrists move in mysterious ways/Curing pre-menstrual tension anti-socialism and gays/Healthy happy productive populations for the world/Prisoners and inmates around the thumb are twirled/Everyone's a little made except for the good doctor/An injection of prescription to quell the class war
Track Name: I Hate Your Guts
I hate the following: christians/pagans/buddhists/Islam/the new age/the old age/all the cowards that cower before nothing/all the people who have all the answers/all the people who settle with denial/people who hate me because god told them too/their stupid churches/the Marxists/the Taylorists/the fascists/the liberals/the misogynists/the separatists/the cynics/the deluded/corporations/police/shithead gumby punks/arty fashion fascists/everyone who wants me to think like them/everyone who knows what’s going on but don't do anything about it/people who tell me to shut up/people like me who whinge all the time/people who don’t love anyone or anything/the bastards who inflict all this pain and shit (so there!)
Track Name: Carmaggedon Now
I tried to cross the road but all the cars where in the way/No could hear me yell out so I didn’t get a say/Public transport really sucks cause it loses money/So they spend it all on roads what a jolly good idea/Another grave is in the ground another car speeds by/The perfect murder weapon that good money can buy/Wake up open up the windows smell that morning air/Then double up in coughing fits that catch you unaware/You don't think it's very fair when I scratch your paintwork/Or get in front of you driving on your way to work/Consider yourself lucky I don't carry a gun/You get off on speeding vandalism’s my kind of fun/I’ve lost all patience its taking its toll its too much in this fucking hole/Be careful where you park at night my mallet and I hide out of sight
Track Name: We May Be Bludgers But We'll Never Be Scabs
You don’t like me cause I don’t kill myself looking for work/You slave away for your fucking boss while I'd rather shirk/You’ve got your ideas worked out obviously I’ve got mine/Are we enemies without a common cause?/Other unemployed bods get raked in to break your strike/Bosses can get wage slaves any time they like/They say their honest workers but I say their fucking cowards/I know who's side I'm on in the class war/I don't know about the others but I'll be there come the time/No one I call comrade will cross any picket line/The bosses and the scabs are my enemy as well/Cause when you strike for you, you strike for me
Track Name: More Bollocks
Mr. LaRouche as you shit in prison giving your orders and biding your time/Your followers are diligently spreading your word absolute in their adoration of you/And we cant help but be impressed at how far already you have come/And we look forward to meeting you when you come to claim your empire/Such a new respectable face to fascism the hate that dare not speak its name/Moderate and understandable/Logical like a vivisectionist/The best of the populism of the left and the best of the charisma of the right/Everything you want in one handy package/Now in new Australian accent (mate)/They’ve got all the answers/Tomorrow belongs to them/They’re going to get the power/Their going to make a believer out of you/(ad nauseam)
Track Name: Fuck That For a Joke
I want to watch you dig your own grave smother yourself in your own words/Your TVfashioneducationopiniontalkfriends/I want to see you ignore your demise don’t call for help when you start to suffocate/Just keep piling your shit onto me all I can see is you shitting in fear/I need to hear you plan your demise without knowing what your going to say/Talk and talk with no consequences defend your right to have your own say/I need to hear it when you justify to me your ways of living and my problem to you/Ignorance of what you have to know your so stupid how can it be true?/I’ve come to watch you running around waving your arms and shouting abuse/Tighter and tighter in a smaller circle I'd try to help but I see no use/I wonder if I'm doing the same I feel fear that I'm just like you/Your grave can be a warning "Keep Changing Or You'll Be Here Too"/Bury yourself in cynicism, doubt, self superiority, bury yourself right out
Track Name: Can't Complain
; I got a letter from the CES (back in the days when it was the Commonwealth Employment Service, as opposed to the more marketable name "Centrelink") today/I wish those computer prodders would go away/Never thought I'd be afraid of the mail but when I see the envelope my heart nearly fails/They've got me running all over town trying to make me sell-able to discerning bosses who are all infallible/They don't have to do anything but sit and pick and choose/We do our best to suck their arses but we always loose/Bills and bills and rent don't go away/Got fuck all for myself at the end of the day/Turn to my mates for help but wonder who cause everyone I know is in the same shit too/I'm sick and tired of being poor but what choice do I get?/Get a decent job and buy a house? Yea I bet/Mabey I'll win the Tats one day/Mabey pigs might fly/I've got to bite the bullet and admit I'll be here till I die/Got to toe the line they tell me to/Got to do the things they want me to do/I've got no back-up I'm stuck on my own/If you want to know what I think I'll tell you so/I'd love to burn the city down I'd start with Parliament House/Killing bureaucrats and bosses would be just fucking grouse/Tear down all this bullshit that stands between me and you/When we've got nothing but ourselves then we'll see what we can do
Track Name: Descent Into Patheticism
No one loves me/No one wants to talk to me/No one invites me to their parties/No one rings me up/No one writes to me/No one cares about me/No one wants to know me/Oh god I'm feeling sorry for myself!/I've started writing poetry/I've started to con myself/Like "I don’t need them anyway" and "All I need is me"/I’ve started feeling superior to compensate my misery/I’ve started thinking I'm the only person in the world with problems/When will it all go right for me? When will I win millions of dollars? When will beautiful women bash down my door? When will the world recognize what an artistic genius I am? When they discover my dead body and realize what a wonderful person they've missed and curse themselves for not being my friend and be forced to say nice things at my funeral (you pretty much know the rest, I'm sure)
Track Name: At Least I Admit It
I know shit when I smell it I smell it all the time/The world is your problem and you are mine/I know bullshit when I hear it I hear it everyday/I’ve gone on to the dead end of life and I don’t go away/I end up with the whingers/It’s the way I want to go/We can all whinge together/It’s the only thing we know/What fun to depress each other until we're all depressed to death/No achievements that mean anything or we wouldn’t be us I guess/Everything we plan together comes down to just me and you/So we end up doing nothing/What the fuck else can we do?/Why pretend we're getting anywhere when we end up on square one?/Pleasing ourselves might not be so important but at least its fun/Here we come to be ignored by the world and its human horde/Everything we do turns to shit/Here we come to be ignored/Irritate or outright abhorred/We all know that we are shit
Track Name: Don't You Think That's Being A Bit Too Cynical?
Everyone says they want to stop the rot but they've been at it since year dot/Divided we stand united we fall/Better people than us have gone to the wall/Lot's of talk of struggle but it's all absurd/Solidarity is just another empty word/Everyone has the same pain and fears and everyone has their own bright ideas/No one wants to forget the past but we don't remember that nothing lasts/Millions of fingers pointing the way/Solutions are a dime a dozen these days/Mass debating is everywhere/There's nothing to agree on cause there's nothing there/Rebels get gung-ho when they get pissed/There's got to be something better than this/If you’ve got the answers then join the queue/Just take a number and I'll soon be with you/I'm reading the papers and sifting through leaflets/I'll place the cops ten to one as a sure bet/You may thing you stand out and you’re the one but the bastards have got us all under the thumb/In a revolution where we all play a part getting rid of politics would be a good start/National-socialist what's your game?/International-socialist playing just the same/Anarchist/Monarchist/Liberal/Conservative/Shove it up your arse!!!
Track Name: ...
Is everything so lost?/Is it all up for grabs?/What's the point in asking if we're going to last?/Is this the last laugh at us?/Have we really gone down the tubes?/Do we just pull out the white flag and say we're born to loose?/I still seem to be here/I noticed we haven't died yet/We're still living and breathing/They haven't fucked us yet/My brain's in working order/It's not the best but it will do/I'm going to work on fighting back what about you?/Did we do all that for nothing?/Do we now just wash our hands?/Did we just make fools of ourselves every time we made a stand?/We still don't need the bosses' shit and that's still true/We didn't fail if we survived to still do the things we do/I don't care if it sounds stupid I'm not going to die with grace/When they come here for us we should smash them in the face/Why wait for them to move first?/We can duck and we can dive/Mabey we'll come through allright/...